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Why Should You Prefer Car-Detailing Over Car Wash?

If you have an automobile, washing becomes a normal task to do. To look new and give a nice shine to your automobile, you take your automobiles for a car wash or an auto detailing. But people often don’t know the difference between a car wash anddetailing. A normal car-wash is just a washing of your automobile whereas, car-detailing includes more than just a wash. Here, we are discussing some points which will differentiate between a normal car-wash and detailing:

The exterior of the Automobile

In normal car-washes, your car will just be washed off with regular detergent or shampoo, and don’t care about any scratches over your automobile. Car detailing includes things as follow:

  • Car Washing

An intensive car washing with Ph-neutral shampoo. The shampoo allows forming a foam on the surface of your car, which helps you to soften the mud and rinsed it off easily.

  • Surface claying of the car

After the washing of your car, a clay-like substance is applied to the paint of the car using a clay-bar. It helps to remove any kind of dirt which was not removed by the car shampoo while washing the car.

  • Rubbing & Polishing

Then the rubbing of your car is done to clean and removing the wax coat from your car. Polishing is applied to your car which applies a new protective coat of wax to your automobile. It gives a new look to your car. It is usually done manually or with the help of machines.

Sealing of Paint

After that, paint sealing is done to protect your car with the help of car wax. It is done to give a new-like look to your automobile.

Headlights, Taillights, and Misc.

Then headlights, taillights are cleaned for better illumination and working. We make sure the lights are working properly after washing the lights.

These are some points that make the Car detailing much better than a normal car wash on the exterior of the automobile. Now, let’s talk about some factors about the interior of the car that makes mobile auto detailing better than a car wash.

Interior of the Car

The interior of the car is required much more attention than the exterior the car. The process is intense and time-consuming because every detail is looked after when it comes to detailing your car. In the normal wash, not much attention is given just normal washing is done and no extra effort is done to clean the interior of the car.


The car is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner entirely and looked that the dust particles are removed from the smallest of the areas of the automobile. Even the vents of the AC are cleaned.

Brushing & Cleaning

After that cleaning and scrubbing are done. The leather covers are cleaned using a leather cleaner and are polished for the better look so that it is protected from any stains and damage.

Glass Cleaning and Perfuming

Then the glass of your car is clean and the stains are removed from the car and perfumed.

The Car detailing provides better services than a normal car wash. Car detailing is a bit time-consuming, but it is done with extra care and attention. Everything is checked, thoroughly before it is handed over to you, and in a normal car-washes, not much attention is given.


In the point above, we have discussed why a car detailing is better than a normal car wash and if you want to get car detailing for your car you can contact or get an appointment from Azure Auto Detailing. We provide the best facilities to our customers.


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